this little secret will help you go bankrupt

So you’ve been struggling for a while now to go bankrupt, but it seems that you keep failing. No matter what you do, you stay rich. You’re just sick and tired of being rich.

In this post, I’m going to reveal you a little secret that will enable you to go bankrupt very fast. You will no longer have to be rich and have a lot of money. I know how bad that feels to be rich, but with this article, you will finally get broke.

The secret that will help you go bankrupt is to do more of what doesn’t work. For example, if you’ve stuck with something for a while and you had some success in that area, that’s a sure sign that you must focus on something else. You shouldn’t stick with something that works, that’s the biggest mistake that entrepreneurs do. Do something that doesn’t work.

Do not focus on just one thing, focus on multiple things. Trying to get your mind focused on getting the job done, man…That’s madness. You should try to get multiple things done at the same time. Scatter your mind, don’t focus too much, check social media and get distracted.

That’s the secret you’ve been looking for so long.

I’m fairly confident that if you do this you’ll achieve bankruptcy in no time. After reading this article, go read other articles and keep wasting your time. You have to do everything in your power to no get your job done. Don’t you dare to finish your projects! Don’t you dare to be productive!

Do more of what doesn’t get you the results you want, and do less of what does work for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this profound insight. If you need additional help with this, click here to have a quick talk with me.

Andrei Andrei is a professional life coach specialized in helping people turn negative patterns like negative thoughts, emotions and habits into positive patterns like confidence, self-love and healthy and productive habits. Click here to schedule your free discovery session.

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