Name: Serban

Rating: 5


BEFORE: Depressed for not knowing his purpose

AFTER: Happy and increased clarity

DESCRIPTION: Serban is followed by thousands of people in his home country. He held numerous seminars and speaking events.

A month ago I was very depressed about the fact that I didn't know what purpose to choose for my life. The exams haven't yet started so I had time to invest in myself. I see Andrei online and I ask him how to set a goal for my life. It's weird to ask that because I should know better, especially that I'm a coach like him. Andrei replies back with kindness and then we talk on Skype. He tells me that he's opening up a coaching program and I instantly say that "I'm in". He looks at me surprised. He was surprised because he thought that you usually coach with someone that is more evolved than you and can understand you. And that was the truth. Andrei is more evolved than me: he knows how to listen, that's a virtue that I've struggled myself. For me, it was frustrating to listen to other people's problems, but when my turn came to open up, I didn't have anyone to that with. I paid Andrei for a month of coaching despite the fact that he didn't have so many results as I had. But that didn't matter because Andrei has one quality that I desired so badly: he knows how to listen. In the weekly meetings, I was talking all the time and Andrei was listening carefully. And that's what I really needed, to be heard. Yes, I paid money to be heard but I'd do it again. Because I needed that so badly, I needed someone to see beyond the image that everyone knows. In my discussions with Andrei, I've realized the reason for my searchings, I've discovered what really matters in life and I've managed to live simpler and happier. Is it his merit entirely? No, because I've put it all into practice. A few minutes ago I've completed the last session for this month and he asked me to write a testimonial. I've accepted immediately because I love Andrei for the way he opened my mind in the last month. He's a guide to great paths and a light bringer. And for all of that, for all the joy that I'm experiencing, I thank Andrei for being my coach. Thank you and I love you. P.S. It's important to mention that I hired Andrei after just 2 weeks of meeting him. I've blindly trusted him and I'm so proud of doing that. I thank God for putting Andrei in my way.

- Serban