Name: John Mosquera

Rating: 5

John Mosquera

BEFORE: No motivation, purpose and meaning

AFTER: He now just do what needs to be done with purpose

DESCRIPTION: John is a client of mine and he reviewed my book "The Power to Just Do it". He was very pleased with my book that he posted on my facebook wall.

I´ve just finished reading your book "The Power 💪 of Just Do it"!. The Sublime Moment is one of the Golden 💰 stones I found in it. I had not realized that in order to Just Do it we need a purpose.😱 I see that if you wrote a good book, I can do it too. I am not english-native speaker, but You just gave me such good example. I am 43 years old, and you, Andrei Mihai Antoniu are rocking!, kid. Thanks and congratulations for your good book

- John Mosquera