Name: Carla C.

Rating: 5

Carla C.

BEFORE: Afraid and anxious to pursue her dream to become a professional swimmer

AFTER: Full confidence in herself and able to swim 40 lengths in deep water

DESCRIPTION: Carla, a loving mother and wife, came to me with a big dream to become a professional swimmer. At an early age, she almost drowned and that terrified her to swim in deep water. That caused a fear she lived with it for 29 years. Ironically, her dream was to become a professional swimmer. After working with me she managed to swim 40 lengths of an Olympic pool.

Thank you! I'm a miracle!!! That's how I feel about swimming!!! This beautiful result is a miracle, and not because of only my work but also your work, Andrei. I'll send you the original video where I made a jump at 1.9m (obviously). Between the two of us, you are the greatest MIRACLE, Andrei.

- Carla C.