Moral story that will change your bad habits


I’ve heard a great story on habit change a few weeks ago and I want to share it with you. I think it teaches us the lesson better than an explanation could.

*Start of the Moral Story about Bad Habits*

A rich man once asked an old, wise man to help his son change his bad habits. The old man asked his son to take a walk with him through the garden. After taking a few steps, the wise man stopped and asked the young man to pluck a small flower out of the ground.

The young man grabbed the plant with his fingers and easily plucked it out. The wise man nodded and they resumed walking.

A few seconds later, they stopped again and the wise man pointed towards another plant, a bit larger than the last. The young man grabbed it with his hand and plucked it out of the ground with a bit of effort. “Now pluck out that one” the wise man said pointing towards a bush. The young man grabbed the bush with both of his hands and using all of his strength, barely managed to pluck it out of the ground.

“Now you see that small tree, there? Try and pluck that one.” The young man grabbed the trunk with both hands, pulled as hard as he could but he couldn’t even move it.

“It’s impossible master. I can’t do it.”

“You see my boy, it’s the same with our habits. If we let them grow and take root it becomes harder and harder for us to stop them.”

*End of story*

Here is the video version of it, let me know what you think.

How many times in our life we let a bad habit take root and become a small tree? What are you doing on a daily basis that you know is wrong and it becomes stronger and stronger every day? It may be spending too much time on social media, cheating on your diet, or neglecting your education. Will you let the bad habits in your life become so strong you can’t change them, or do you want to take start acting differently from now on?

Bob Proctor said something I love. He said Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice. Our lives will always change. But our future is determined by our actions today.

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