How To Get A Laser-Like Mental Focus


Have you ever experienced getting distracted while you were trying to get your work done? Do you have a bad time reaching a state of total focus and concentration on the task at hand? Do you really want to know what the essential keys to having a sharp and focused mind are?

If you read this post and apply the 2 methods I will be presenting, you will become extremely focused, you won’t have scattered thoughts anymore and you will enter a state of total immersion in your chosen activity.

Apply these 2 methods and you will no longer get stuck with the same undisciplined mind full of noisy thoughts.

What you are about to learn is crucial for your social, professional and personal life and I guarantee you that the methods presented here are tested and proven. Not just by me, but also by researchers and psychologists. Even if I am not the one who invented these methods, I came up with a way to make them even more effective. I would like to share what I’ve learned from my mistakes so that you can avoid making them.

Your ability to focus is like a muscle, which means you can strengthen and build it over time. The prefrontal cortex of the brain gives us this incredible gift of focusing on the task ahead. As you strengthen your ability to focus, the gray matter is stimulated and, as a consequence, the neural connections in this region of the brain start to grow in number.

Researchers have found that the core function of this brain region is considered to be that of thought management so that our actions are in full accordance with our goals.

You may wonder how you are supposed to strengthen your mental focus? As you might have expected, the principle is the same as for building muscles. You build it by using it.

Here’s the first method:

1. Meditate by focusing on your breath

Sit in a comfortable position with your backbone straight. You may adopt the lotus position or just sit in your favorite chair. Try to avoid doing this meditation in bed for several reasons: you may fall asleep, or you might become sluggish.

During this exercise you can play some calming and relaxing music in the background. Close your eyes and start inhaling deeply by breathing from your stomach, meaning you will feel your stomach inflating as a balloon. The reason to do this is to oxygenate your body so as to stay awake and alert during the entire process.
Each time you exhale feel how all the tension in your body is fading away. Imagine the air you’re breathing out is actually the stress, worries and problems from your life. In short all this bad energy is leaving your body.

It is now scientifically proven that meditation has tons of amazing benefits for your brain, body and mind, so rest assured that a 5-minute session a day will bring you exponential results.
Follow this breathing pattern until you feel that your body is becoming still and your mind calms down.

Now, imagine that your conscious mind is a guardian standing right at the entrance of your nose. The guardian’s job is to always monitor the air coming in and out of your nose. He doesn’t let the air go in or out without him being aware of it.

The goal of this meditation exercise is to become fully aware of at least 10 breaths in a row. If your mind wanders away or you get distracted, don’t feel bad about it, just get back on track and restart counting. It is important to not get discouraged in the beginning and keep going no matter what your results are.

Here comes the second practical exercise. If the first one was meant to teach you how to become mindful, now it’s time to get a LASER-like focus.

2. Attempt to LASER FOCUS as much as you can for 5 minutes

1. Get some alone time.

For some people, especially you, morning people, the best time of the day will be early in the morning. For others it will be during the lunch break or maybe late at night, when everybody else sleeps. You might wonder why you need this. It is actually because you need to make sure there are no distractions, so turn them all off.

2. Draw a small dot on a wall

Now, choose a white wall, but any other light color will do just fine. You might get hilarious reactions from your family members. Your mother or your wife might come in and start complaining about the dots… Just kidding. Don’t worry about messing up your wall, it’s just a small dot and your guests or other people will think it’s a fly or something.

3. Get into the (fishing) mood.

If you’ve ever been fishing, you know how hard is to keep your eyes on the float. Although focusing on a single thing sometimes feels like a daunting task, it sure helps you strengthen your mental focus. To easily replicate this process without actually having to go fishing every time we want to train our mind, we are going to use a simple exercise.

Warning! This exercise is simple yet extremely hard. I think it is one of the hardest exercises I have ever done in my life. That happens because it is both hard to do and also hard to integrate in your daily routine. In short, it takes a strong discipline to stick to it on a daily basis, but it is definitely worth the time and energy investment..
I recommend doing this exercise only when you hone your skills a bit more and you are ready to go to the next level.

4. LASER FOCUS! Sit on a chair.

This exercise yields the best results when it is performed while sitting, so no lying down no matter how exhausting this activity might be. Stare at the dot for 5 minutes and don’t let your mind wander off (that dot). Do nothing else. Keep your sight and mind focused on that dot. If you feel your mind wandering away or you get the urge to move your eyes, bring all your attention back to the dot.

Use a stopwatch to properly track how long you can keep your mind undistracted and free from thoughts.

That’s it!

Think that’s easy? Well try it and then leave a comment here sharing your record time.

Now you have some great tools for developing a laser-sharp mental focus. Use them and reap the benefits.

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