God Please Help Me: This Is Why You Won’t Be Helped


I don’t know much about you, but I know one thing for sure. You’ve been through some very hard times. Maybe you even got to the point where you got down on your knees and prayed. “God please help me get over it, please help me find a solution to this…”

The God Please Help Me Story

Once upon a time, there was a small village by a river. All the villagers were happy, faithful and prayed often. One day, a violent storm hit the village. The river started overflowing and flooding the village. Everyone started to evacuate their homes and set out towards safety.

One villager ran to the church. He quickly went to the priest’s room and told him “The water has started to flood our homes and it’s raining even harder. It has also started to flood the church. We must leave the village or we will drown. Everyone is leaving and you have to leave too, otherwise, you will die.”

The priest replied: “I’m not an atheist like you and I have full faith in God. I’m sure that God will come and save me. I will not leave the church. Go!” So, the villager left.

Soon, the water level started to rise until it reached waist height. The priest climbed to his desk and started praying. After a few minutes, a man with a boat came to rescue the priest. He told the priest, “I was told by the villagers that you were still inside the church, so I have come to rescue you, please climb on the boat”. But the priest again refused to leave giving him the same reason: that God would save him. So the boatman left.

The water level kept rising and reached to the ceiling. The priest climbed onto the roof of the church and started praying even harder to God to save him. “God, please come and save me!”. Soon a helicopter was above him. They dropped him a rope ladder and shouted: “Come on, climb on the rope or you will drown!” But the priest replied: “No, save the remaining ones, I will be saved by God.” So the helicopter left.

The water kept rising and the priest drowned. In heaven, he met God and asked Him: “Father, I served You all my life. I completely trusted You, but You abandoned me. You left me to die. Why didn’t you come to save me?!”

“You fool! I came to save you 3 times. I came by foot asking you to leave the village with the others; I came by boat; I came in a helicopter. But you didn’t recognize me. Don’t you see that the only way I can help you is through… you, through others, through events.”

How many times in our life have we gone through a bad time and looked for an answer? We asked for help. But when the opportunity came, we didn’t recognize it and rejected it. So, the opportunity left.

Remember this. You will always be helped, but you will not always see the help. From now on, take every opportunity that life gives you and ask yourself “Is life giving me right now an opportunity that I do not see?”

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