5 Reasons Facebook Has Profound Negative Effects on Happiness


Ever felt like social media has negative effects on your happiness or your mental focus? Today I’m going to share with you 5 Reasons why Facebook and other social media sites are created to make us unhappy.

Negative Effects of Social Media

1. Unhappy by Comparison

We all know that it happened to us at least once to see other people on social media and unconsciously compare our life to theirs. The problem is that we see only the good site of those people. No one posts how bad their life is and as a proof, tell me. When was the last time you saw your friends posting that they are broke? Or they had a really bad fight in their relationships? Or they feel sad or depressed? Probably never…

I truly believe we cannot make the world a better place if we are hypocrites and not honestly express what we feel. Because I’m into personal development, I always try to do my best to help others. And I realized that by sharing the bad moments HELPS MORE PEOPLE than just sharing what you feel comfortable with.

We all go through the same life process and not a single person on Earth didn’t have at least one bad event in their life. There is a quote that I posted on Facebook a while ago:

There aren’t many problems, just many people with the same problems.

So don’t fall into the trap of thinking that someone has a better life than you just because you saw it on Facebook or Instagram.

Their Life is so Amazing!
You and your thoughts when scrolling on Social Media

This video that I’ve made is the perfect illustration of what I mean.

2. Unhappy People are Consumers

This one is really important! We’ve been programmed by our society that happiness comes from nice clothes, good food, expensive cars or big houses. THAT IS NOT HAPPINESS, that’s comfort. It may be true that comfort contributes for your happiness, but TRUE HAPPINESS comes from health, loving relationships with others, MEANING (this one is very important) and freedom (which includes comfort, money and material objects).

The purpose of all the big corporations is to keep selling you stuff to make profits or they’re out of the business. To do that, they advertise their products by associating their products with happiness moments. Remember that ad on TV with those grinning from ear to ear people eating at McDonald’s?

They never show a fat, unhealthy, unhappy (which eating that kind of food is making you be) person on their ads. They don’t show you the truth. So we associate in our subconscious mind their stuff with happiness.

Happiness is comprised of many things…

3. Social Media Destroys Mental Focus

When we’re scrolling on Social Media our mind is forced to jump from thought to thought. We may see a picture of a friend, a motivational quote, a car accident, pictures of cats and so on. Our mind is being inundated with so many different thoughts in such a small amount of time that we lose our ability to focus.

One of my favorite mentors said:

Overall browsing completely wipes out your focus and your willpower. – Brendon Burchard

Nowadays, people are more than ever looking for the quick burst of dopamine, for the quick fix or for the shortest explanation. There are studies that show that the average attention span comes closer to that of a goldfish. Most internet users spend less than one minute on the average website.

Oh, look at that cute cat! Oh, a car! Oh, nice clothes!

4. Productivity Killer

Never go on Social Media when you have an important task to do. Not only you will get distracted, but you will also fall into the greatest trap of all: I’ll take just a look.

What seems like 5 minutes will turn into hours.

Let me tell you a story here that just happened to me. I was working on a project with a few friends. We all worked from home and had to have permanent communication between us. We never considered installing a special app for projects communication like Slack or at least Skype. We just kept chatting on Facebook Messenger. What could go wrong right?

I was like: I’m on Facebook just to chat with my friends, what negative effects could this have on me?

But, little did I know that SOCIAL MEDIA was build with the sole purpose so that you get imprisoned there. Once you get in, you have low chances of getting out.

Social Media’s Greatest Trap

5. Social-Slots Notifications


Most of our notifications are like the casino slots. A lot of them have no value, and only a few of them really interest us. When you get a notification is like playing on slot machines: You pull the lever hoping to get a prize.

The same is true here: You check the phone hoping to get a valuable notification.

One amazing thing I did for my productivity was to disable all my notifications from my phone except those that really interest me.


I’m not saying to completely get off social media. All I am saying is to be aware of the most common traps out there. Social Media can be an extraordinary thing, but it can also be a curse.

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