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My mission is to help you change from bad to best. If you’re going through bad times, if you have some bad habits that you’d like to change, if you think bad thoughts or feel bad emotions, then I’m the person you need to talk to.

I pursue my mission of helping people change through online courses, private 1-on-1 coaching, books, and free content such as videos, blogs posts and social media.

My name is Andrei Antoniu and I’m neither a psychologist nor a guru. You shouldn’t believe what I’m teaching without testing it for yourself first. If what I’m teaching works for you (and in most cases it will), only then accept it as a truth in your life. I am a speaker, consultant, and author, but I prefer letting people decide who I am based on my actions because that’s what defines us in the end.

But… I wasn’t always like that. I grew up lazy and without purpose. All throughout school and college I felt that there must be something more to life. I spent most of my time playing video games and browsing the web. At some point in my life I became very depressed because I did not have a clear goal for my life. Depression taught me how to turn bad into best. At the age of 20 I joined a sales company where I met two millionaire managers who later became my mentors. That was the turning point in my life. I spent one year working under them, time in which I adopted their life philosophy. I spent the next four years studying and searching for ways to change my life.

I now teach others how to make a change in their lives, even if they failed in the past.

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Andrei Antoniu

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