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Andrei's Mission

Andrei Antoniu is a habit coach helping entrepreneurs change their habits so that they become productive and grow their business. His mission is to help you eliminate bad habits, streamline your day, keep you accountable, set your goals and do your daily tasks even if you are not in the mood.

If you want to take your online business to the next level then you are going to need next-level habits. Andrei is fairly confident that can do that for you even if right now it feels impossible to focus, stick to a routine and control yourself.


If you feel stuck in a pattern that only leads to procrastination, guilt and unwanted results, then you might need the strategies and techniques that Andrei is going to teach you.

The reason his methods work so well is that he applies scientific methods to form new habits, measures your actions and your results and uses the cognitive behavioral therapy to help you manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviors so that you get the results you want.

How can Andrei help you?

Andrei Antoniu is the most appreciated speaker and habit coach in the online environment from Romania. With over 20m views, he has reached the hearts of millions of people.

He held numerous seminars and had TV appearances. He is known for his ability to use stories and metaphors to better illustrate a concept or idea.

He learned from the best teachers of the world like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor.

Until today he has more than 1000 clients in his training materials.

What to expect from andrei

Remember how well you felt in one of those days when you just crushed it? Well, that’s the feeling you should expect from coaching with Andrei. Expect to execute your day just the way you planned it and feel like a hero, proud of your accomplishments.

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